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When You Change the Way You Look at Things, The Things You Look at Change

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Are You Using the Power of Intention?

I was watching this Power of Intention video series with Wayne Dwyer and was highly motivated to share this with you.

While I’ve never actually read a book by Wayne Dwyer, this was the first time I had heard him speak, and he is in fact quite eloquent.

In these videos he explains about aligning with source and in fact defines the term sorcerer not as a magician, but as “someone who aligns with the source”.

His definition comes from the meta-physician and author, Carlos Castenada.

The question posed is, are you in alignment with source?  Do you view the world as an angry place full of challenges and always making life difficult for you?

Or do you view the world as full of abundance which promises a wonderful experience every day?

I know I’ve lived most of my life expecting the worst…in fact I’m quite surprised at some of the successes in my life due to my continuous focus on the negative.  How is it that I can expect the worst to happen, yet still the universe supplies me with positive experiences?

What would happen if I always expected the best?

One of my favorite sayings is, “Plan for the worse, but expect for the best.”

A lot of people would surmise that if you plan for the worse, then you are expecting the worse and will create the worse in your life.  I disagree.

By having a contingency plan, you create a level of support for yourself if and when a challenge does arise in your life.  Even the most positive people on the planet occasionally have a bad day, and sometimes even stumble or fall.

But because they’ve prepared for that stumble, it is much easier for them to get right back up again and start over.

On the other hand however, if you spend your entire life planning for the worst AND expecting the worst, then when the worse times present themselves, you say, “See, I told you so.”  And you actually feel good about yourself in your expectation of the worst…it’s a bit insane when you stop and think about it.

If we refocus on the power on intention, we can put those worst times behind us much easier and quicker, for we expect the best more often than not.

This is a fundamental shift in your thinking, and I for one have been struggling with this shift in expectation for the past few years.  This struggle of mind over mind resulted in my first book, Reading Between the Lines, The Hidden Power of Language.

I learned through my research that overcoming your mindset, after a lifetime of thinking in a particular manner, is difficult but not impossible!  In fact, there are chemical processes, including your peptides and receptors, which have a huge impact on how you react to and think about things.

These peptides and receptors are the reason you habitually feel good or bad, and with practice and effort they slowly can be affected to create more of the expectations and emotions you might prefer in your life.

Many people, myself included for many years, are downright happy to be angry, unhappy, jealous, or the myriad of other emotions which can hold you back.

Aligning with the source and learning how to use the power of intention can be very powerful, and has helped me to make some dramatic changes in the way I look at things!

The things I’m looking at have changed because of the way I’m looking at things!

The first chapter of my book is titled, A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words, and my supposition in this chapter is you can change the lens you are using to view the world.  The world you viewed yesterday need not be the world you view tomorrow.

You can receive a free copy of that chapter by signing up for my weekly newsletter, so please take advantage of this free offer to start changing the way you look at things.

You might be surprised at what you see!

Write On!

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