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What is Your Neural Net? Dr Joe Dispenza Explains...

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Dr Joe Dispenza Explains Your Neural Net(s)

In a previous video post Dr Joseph Dispenza highlights how to rewire your brain once it’s already been wired and is well worth investing 8 minutes…in this video post I once again go back to Dr Dispenza because he explains how the wiring began in the first place.  How is your brain wired?

Why do you perceive the things the way you do?  It’s a result of the two laws:
  • The Law of Association
  • The Law of Repetition

Both laws work in an entangled manner to allow you to learn and respond to the world around you.

The Law of Association gives you the ability to continually process new information to better understand how things are associated in the world.  You learn how to categorize and expand your understanding through associated events and experiences.

The Law of Repetition says the more you do something the easier it gets.  This sounds rudimentary, but it is your ability to learn skills and “hard wire” them such that they become automatic, which allows you to then learn another skill, and another and another….

So to understand how to rewire your brain, I think it’s necessary to first understand how it was wired in the first place!

These videos are from Down the Rabbit Hole, an extended version of What the Bleep, and well worth investing some time in if you are interested in human physiology, quantum mechanics and neuroscience among any other subjects…

Check Out This Video – Dr Joseph Dispenza on What is Your Neural Net?



What will you do with this information? 

Write on!

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