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Einstein, Vedic Wisdom and the Maya - Is Your Life Real?

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Does Einstein’s Theories Align with Vedic Wisdom and the Maya?

I’ve found a brilliant website for anyone who is spiritually minded or looking for information on how to create a better life through nutrition, personal development, spirituality and a myriad other topics…

Here is an excerpt from a post by one of the founders of the site, Shayne Traviss, and it is a quote from Paramahansa Yogananda:

vedas“The Vedic scriptures declare that the physical world operates under one fundamental law of maya, the principle of relativity and duality. God, the Sole Life, is Absolute Unity; to appear as separate and diverse manifestations of a creation He wears a false or unreal veil.

That illusory dualistic veil is maya.

Many great scientific discoveries of modern times have confirmed this simple pronouncement of the ancient rishis.

Newton’s Law of Motion is a law of maya. “To every action there is always an equal and contrary reaction; the mutual action of any two bodies is always equal and oppositely directed.” Action and reaction are thus exactly equal. “To have a single force is impossible.

There must be, and always is, a pair of forces equal and opposite.”…

Physical science, then, cannot formulate laws outside of maya: the very fabric and structure of creation. Nature herself is maya; natural science must perforce deal with her ineluctable quiddity.

In her domain, she is eternal and inexhaustible; future scientists can do no more than probe one aspect after another of her varied infinitude. Science thus remains in a perpetual flux, unable to reach finality; fit indeed to discover the laws of an already existing and functioning cosmos but powerless to detect the Law Framer and Sole Operator.

The majestic manifestations of gravitation and electricity have become known, but what gravitation and electricity are, no mortal knoweth….

Among the trillion mysteries of the cosmos, the most phenomenal is light. Unlike sound waves, whose transmission requires air or other material media, the light waves pass freely through the vacuum of interstellar space…light remains the most subtle, the freest from material dependence, of any natural manifestation.

einstein blackboardIn the gigantic conceptions of Albert Einstein, the velocity of light – 1,86,300 miles per second – dominates the whole Theory of Relativity.

He proves mathematically that the velocity of light is, so far as man’s finite mind is concerned, the only constant of a universe in flux. On the sole ‘absolute’ of light velocity depends all human standards of time and space.

Not abstractly eternal as hitherto considered, time and space are relative and finite factors. They derive their conditional measurement-validities only in reference to the yardstick of light velocity.

With a few equational strokes of his pen, Einstein banished from the universe every fixed reality except that of light.

In a later development, his Unified Field Theory, the great physicist sought to embody in one mathematical formula the laws of gravitation and of electromagnetism. Reducing the cosmic structure to variations on a single law, Einstein has reached across the ages to the rishis who proclaimed a sole fabric of creation: a protean maya.

atomGreat scientists are now boldly asserting not only that the atom is energy rather than matter, but that atomic energy is essentially mind-stuff.

“The frank realisation that physical science is concerned with a world of shadows is one the most significant advances,” Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington writes in The Nature of the Physical World. “In the world of physics we watch a shadow graph performance of the drama of familiar life…

To put the conclusion crudely, the stuff of the world is mind-stuff.”

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