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An Example of Quantum Entanglement in My Life

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Coincidence or Quantum Entanglement?

A couple of months ago I had a conference call with the lovely author and spiritual counsellor, Sharon Quirt.

sharon quirtSharon has had two books published (second one is in the works) by HayHouse Publishing and you can visit her website – – to learn more about both her books and her personal and telephone-based counselling.

On that phone call we discussed the idea of co-authoring a book on personal development, and I’m now set to travel to Canada in July to put together a book proposal which is very exciting for me! 

But Sharon mentioned another opportunity to get involved with the vividlife website and online radio broadcast.

She mentioned that the website cofounder, Shayne Traviss, might be interested in having me contribute content to the site and get involved with the launch of the Australian version of the site.

So last night, as I’m doing my power walk around the park near my home, it dawned on me that I had not heard back from Sharon regarding this opportunity, and I actually set myself the task of contacting her today to follow up on this opportunity.

This is where the quantum entanglement comes into play…

When I arrived to work today and checked my personal email, there was a message from Sharon asking me if I was interested in contributing content to the vividlife website, and would I be interested in supporting the site in Australia.

Needless to day, I almost fell off my chair…but the reason I didn’t is because I now understand quantum entanglement!

Throughout our planning, Sharon and I have become entangled at the quantum level, and you are also entangled with every person and event in your life!

Reading Between the Lines - Ebook Web1It helps that she has an ability to access the energy of the universe which most of us don’t have, or at least we have not taken the time to develop it. 

On the other side, I’ve been putting quite a bit of effort in raising my ability to generate powerful thoughts and using my intention to affect my life as I teach in my book, Reading Between the Lines, The Hidden Power of Language.

But no matter how you look at it, this experience was NOT a coincidence, as so many people would brush it off as.

I believe if more people would consider that coincidences in their lives are actually the result of their mental efforts, they would be more open to learning how to access and use this knowledge!

Do not look askance at ‘coincidences’ in your life! 

Quantum entanglement is real and is happening continuously to all of us….so how will you use this information?

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Write On!

Check Out this Video with Dean Radin on Quantum Entanglement

2 comments to An Example of Quantum Entanglement in My Life

  • Curtis,
    Life is so amazing and we are so entangled in so many wonderful ways. Life has brought me many people from all over this tiny world we live on and all of them were brought to me through entanglement. My thoughts brings them to me, my actions bring them to me,my journey of faith bring them to me. We are in each others lives to serve a purpose. We can make it good or we can make it bad. We decide the outcome with our actions. I am pleased to be tangled with your talent. I am sure we will create a divine work together.

  • Hi Sharon,

    Yes, it is amazing how we are connected via the Cosmic Soup of the universe…you’re a true inspiration and I trust our mutual endeavors will be successful not only for us, but for anyone who invests the time to learn more about themselves..

    Thank you for your comment and blessing!

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