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Four Esoteric Laws of the Universe – Part 3 – Karmic Influence

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How Does Karma Influence Your Life?

In part 1, we considered the macrocosm versus the microcosm, and in part 2 we studied the law of universal evolution.

In part 3, I want to review the esoteric teachings on karma and the karmic effect.  Karma does not have a good translation in English, but we understand the concept as cause and effect on a spiritual or ethereal level.

yin and yangEsoteric wisdom understands that everything has to be a result of a balance of the opposites.  Light and dark, cold and warm, hate and love, are all aspects of this duality in life.  All life force falls under this moving balance of black and white….yin and yang…

The evolution of your soul however, can exist in one extreme or the other.  These swings in life experience can occur very slowly, one lifetime at a time.

In our modern, fast-paced times, we tend to look for the karmic influence in the short term…if you cut somebody off in traffic, then next week someone will cut you off…

But esoteric wisdom teaches that karma and its influence penetrates all life energy.  It is a concept which is much deeper than what happens this week or next week.  This is where karma and evolution meet hand in hand.

When a plant dies, its life force is absorbed into the surrounding environment and used to create another life form.  The new life form will be enhanced due to its previous incarnation and experience.  It has evolved as a result of this previous incarnation.

In humans we find the highest formation of mental consciousness on our planet, and as such our life force is also absorbed by our surroundings and reborn into another individual.  Esoteric wisdom teaches this is an ever-repeating process, where each individual consciousness will return to this physical dimension in a process of perfection.

Perfection however sometimes requires extraordinary life lessons. 

libraThis long-term karmic influence guides your consciousness from physical existence to physical existence based on how you use your conscious time on that physical plane.

A physical handicap or challenge in one life is caused by disruptive actions in a previous life and should serve as a lesson to the individual.  This idea puts everything and everyone on a level playing field.  There should be no pity for anyone more so than anyone else. 

Your life is what it is because off the previous incarnations your life energy has experienced.

Everyone one of us is a result of previous incarnations of life force…

The powerful lesson is, you can start improving this existence – and your next one – right now!

You can learn to control your mental and physical energy through focused thought and esoteric training.  My book, Reading Between the Lines, The Hidden Power of Language is a tool which provides a guide to this process.

“Man Know Thyself” is the wisdom taught by the ancient sages.  Use this knowledge to improve your life!

Write On!

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